Curriculum Vitae

Aleksandra Kuznetsova PhD

American Museum of Natural History

79th St at Central Park West

New York, New York 10024

email: astro [dot] kuznetsova [at] gmail [dot] com


(Sept 2020--) Sagan Fellow, American Museum of Natural History

(June-Sept 2020) Graduate Museum Intern, Adler Planetarium

(May 2020) Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan


(2020) PhD. Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Michigan, Advisor: Lee Hartmann

(2020) Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, University of Michigan

(2016) M.S. Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Michigan

(2014) B.S. Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester

(2014) B.A. Geological Sciences, University of Rochester

(2014) Minor Mathematics, University of Rochester


  1. "Anisotropic Infall and Substructure formation in Embedded Disks" (Kuznetsova, A., Bae, J., Hartmann, L., Mac-Low, M. M., 2022) ApJ.

  2. "Gravity or turbulence V: star-forming regions undergoing violent relaxation" (Bonilla-Barroso, A., Ballesteros-Paredes, J., Hernández, J., Aguilar, L., Zamora-Avilés, M., Hartmann, L., Kuznetsova, A., Camacho, V., Lora, V., 2022) MNRAS.

  3. "Angular Momenta, Magnetization, and Accretion of Protostellar Cores" (Kuznetsova, A., Hartmann, L., Heitsch, F., 2020) ApJ.

  4. "The Origins of Protostellar Core Angular Momenta" (Kuznetsova, A., Hartmann, L., Heitsch, F., 2019) ApJ.

  5. "The Role of Gravity in Producing Power-law Mass Functions" (Kuznetsova, A., Hartmann, L., Heitsch, F., Ballesteros-Paredes, J., 2018) ApJ

  6. "On Estimating Angular Momenta of Infalling Protostellar Cores From Observations" (Zhang, S., Hartmann, L., Zamora-Aviles, M., Kuznetsova, A., 2018) MNRAS

  7. "Kinematics and Structure of Star-Forming Regions: Insights from Cold Collapse Models" (Kuznetsova, A., Hartmann, L., Ballesteros-Paredes, J., 2018) MNRAS

  8. "Gravitational Focusing and the Star Cluster Initial Mass Function" (Kuznetsova, A., Hartmann, L., Burkert, A., 2017) ApJ

  9. "Signatures of Star Formation by Cold Collapse" (Kuznetsova, A., Hartmann, L., Ballesteros-Paredes, J., 2015) ApJ

  10. "Bondi-Hoyle-Littleton Accretion and the Upper Mass Stellar IMF" (Ballesteros-Paredes, J., Hartmann, L., Perez-Goytia, N., Kuznetsova A., 2015) MNRAS


(03/2022) Star and Planet Formation Journal Club: MPE-CAS; Talk

(12/2021) New paradigms for Radiatively Efficient Accretion Disks Workshop: Flatiron Insitute ; Talk

(06/2021) 'Streamers' Session: EAS 2021; Talk

(02/2021) AMNH Astrophysics Seminar; Invited Talk

(12/2020) Five Years After HL Tau; Poster

(11/2020) Planetesimal Formation Meeting; Poster

(11/2020) Yale Astronomy Colloquium; Invited Talk

(01/2020) Dissertation Talk, AAS 235; Talk

(11/2019) Star and Planet Seminar, UMass Amherst; Invited Talk

(11/2019) BU Seminar; Invited Talk

(11/2019) ITC Seminar, CfA; Invited Talk

(11/2019) Lunch Talk, Yale; Invited Talk

(11/2019) Origins Seminar, LPL, University of Arizona; Invited Talk

(06/2019) Origins of Solar Systems Gordon Research Seminar + Conference, Mt. Holyoke College; Poster

(06/2019) From Stars to Planets II, Gothenburg, Sweden; Talk

(03/2019) Athena++ User Meeting, UNLV, Nevada; Talk

(06/2018) MODEST-2018, Santorini, Greece; Talk

(03/2018) Star and Planet Formation in the Southwest 2, AZ; Poster

(03/2017) Star Formation: Cores to Clusters, ESO Santiago, Chile; Poster

(06/2015) Origins of the Solar System Gordon Research Conference, Mt. Holyoke College; Poster

(06/2015) Frontiers in Star Formation, UM-Ann Arbor; Invited Talk

(10/2014) Circumstellar Disks and Planet Formation, MIRA, UM-Ann Arbor; Poster

(01/2014) AAS 223, Washington, DC; Poster